Corn Coast test plays Shadespire!

Our take on Shadespire from Games Workshop. The game took us about 30 minutes to learn to play so the first game was bit clunky as we moved across the board to destroy each other. The second game is where it became better. We were able to strategist and had a better understanding of how tactics would work. All in all it is a very easy game to learn and fun to play. The core game cost is $60 buck and has real easy to build figures. They are a push pin and lock and are ready in just a few minutes. Now the Warhammer 40K guy in me wants to paint the very detailed figures. The down side to the game is the core is just for 2 players. Expansions are needed to play with more people. You can buy the 4 player set at $192 in our store. Now I have a friend who has bought the core set so I will just bring mine and we can combine the two. But what I am really looking forward to is the expansion races. There are soon to be 6 total races to play Orks, skeletons, Humans Knights, Human Barbarians, Skaven and dwarfs. the last two being pre-orders. The expansions are $30 bucks and are of the same push pin detailed models. They are definitely worth every penny and you wont be sorry to have spent that money on a terrific game. All of the Items for Shadespire are available in our store.