Napoleon at War Four Battles game

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The four battles were among the most important of the Napoleonic Wars.


is an operational level simulation of the two most decisive battles of Napoleon's Prussian Campaign of 1806. They were fought on 14 October of that year, in Saxony. The complete rout of the Prussians at both battlefields gave Napoleon the opportunity he needed to initiate a brilliant strategic pursuit of the shattered armies which enabled him to conquer Prussia in the space of a few weeks.

The Battle of Nations:

is a simulation of the battle between Napoleon's Grande Armee and four Allied armies which occurred on October 16-19, 1813, near the town of Leipzig in Saxony. Also known as the Battle of Leipzig, the 1813 contest saw the French surrounded and defeated by the combined forces of Prussia, Austria, Sweden, and Russia in the largest and most decisive battle of the Napoleonic Era.


is a simulation of the battle which took place between the armies of the Hapsburg Empire under Archduke Charles and the French-Allied armies under Napoleon on July 5th and 6th, 1809. It is a two-player game on the grand tactical level.


is an operational level simulation of the battle between Napoleon's French Army and the Austrian Army commanded by General von Melas, which occurred on June 14, 1800 in Piedmont (nothern Italy). One of Napoleon's first important victories, the battle was decided by the opportune arrival of French reinforcements who robbed Melas of the triumph he had almost achieved earlier in the day. For the rest of his career, on many more famous battlefields, Napoleon often exhorted his troops with the mention of the glorious French victory of Marengo.