Tome of Delving D&D 5E
Tome of Delving D&D 5E
Tome of Delving D&D 5E
Tome of Delving D&D 5E

Tome of Delving D&D 5E

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The Tome of Delving is more than a character sheet - it’s a character book! A worthy vessel for your character’s details, possessions and history. The Tome of Delving gives you all the space you need to fully record your character and their abilities. And it’s specifically designed to help you find your stats lightning fast and keep play moving. No more time lost shuffling through your character sheets to find the right stat. No more getting sucked into some group chat when you were supposed to be looking up your passive perception on D&D Beyond. The Tome of Delving puts it all at your fingertips and off your phone.


"...but I use roll20, fantasy ground, etc. it tracks my character for me".

Ok, but are you taking notes? The Tome of Delving handles much more than just your stats. With specialized pages for tracking NPCs, Quests, and Treasure; you'll find it useful with any virtual table top system.

Hardcover Smyth Sewn notebook for use with the world's greatest role-playing game. Complete with a dust jacket, two bookmark ribbons and many specialized pages for tracking your character details, traits, combat abilities, investigative abilities and more, including:

  • NPC Tracking Pages
  • Equipped Item Tracking
  • Inventory Pages
  • Ammo Tracking
  • Treasure Log Pages
  • Spell Lists
  • Wild Shapes
  • Plain Note Pages
  • Quad Grid Pages
  • Hex Grid Pages
  • Reference Content
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