"Angela" Original Movie Ad Clip Art Print

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Original 1954 clip art. 9.5 x 12.5 print ad.

"Attractive and sophisticated girl, which is sufficient cause for Steve Catlett ('Dennis O'Keefe), an American-car salesman, to fall in love with her. At her apartment, Stene finds Bertolati dead as a result of a heart attack according to Angela. But, in order to prevent a scandal, Angela urges Steve to get rid of the body without calling the police. Smitten Steve agrees and takes the body to his car with the intentions of staging a car crash. He is about to go do that when he finds out that Angela was indeed the lover of the dead man, and he hesitates. But a new character makes a violent entrance,a brutal ex-convict named Nino (Rossano Brazzi),and he turns out to be Angela's husband. A fight ensues during which Nino gets hold of Steve's gun and shoots the corpse of Bertolati with Steve's gun, thereby implicating Steve, now less-smitten with Angela then he was earlier, in the death of Bertolati. He then tries to kill Steve by pushing Steve into the car with the corpse, Bertolati, and into a handy abyss but Steve turns the tables and kills the aggressive Nino and hurling him into the car, with Bertolati, and into the abyss. Steve now suspects Angela's conduct and sincerity despite her efforts to convince Steve she is n the level. More surprises are coming Steve's way."