Axis & Allies North Africa 1940-1943 Map Guide Sealed

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This map pack offers three double-sided maps - desert terrain on one side, and woods and jungle terrain on the other - allowing a wide variety of battlefields for the Axis & Allies Miniatures game. Also included are two scenarios: Operation Battleaxe and Operation El Alamain: Rahman Track.

New Terrain: Barren hexes represent ground empty of cover, rocky flats, or other terrain bereft of cover.

Sand hexes represent sand, loose gravel, or other terrain that impedes wheeled vehicle movement.

Brush hexes represents brambles, bushes, small trees, or other light vegetation.

Jungle hexes represent thick vegetation such as bamboo, vine-overgrown trees, and thick brush. Soldiers can only enter in the assault phase and can only move 1 hex in the turn they enter this terrain.