Bartman #1 VF

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Bad guys beware! Bart Simpson, Archenemy of Evil, now has his own comic book! It's only the first issue, and already Bartman must face his greatest nemesis -- Mrs. Krappabel, and his greatest challenge -- summer school! Meanwhile, villainy is afoot in the world of Springfield's comic collectors! A mysterious criminal mastermind has hatched a nefarious scheme to artificially inflate the prices of enhanced-cover comic books! With the help of his trusty pal Milhouse, Bartman swings into action to battle this fiendish plot. Can the spiky-headed superhero foil the foil-stamping fiends? Find out this issue! It's Bartman, Man! (article about Bart by Matt Groening)The Comic Cover Caper! Bartmail (letters and fan mail)Bart's Bottom 40 (list of Bart's least favorite things) Bartman (poster : some issue variations do not include this)