Batman Giant #1 VF

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Landing on the rooftop of the GCPD headquarters' rooftop , Batman gets informed by Jim Gordon about the kidnapping of Anna, the granddaughter of billionaire businessman Thomas Giessen. Despite paying the money as asked for, the girl still wasn't returned to the Giessens and they thus contacted the police. Anna's parents were killed in front of her when she was six years old due to road-rage which also made her deaf.  As he postulates along with Alfred on who kidnapped the girl, he states that the security of the Giessen mansion is very tight and only someone who knew about the security system beforehand, could pull off the kidnapping. He suspects the security chief Patrick Crown, since in the surveillance tapes he is shown visiting at unusual hours and the portion of his visible body in them is progressively smaller before eventually disappearing entirely, thinking he may have figured out the blind spots of the cameras.  As Batman tries to leave, Alfred suggests getting some rest while he tells Gordon to arrange an interview with the Giessens. Arriving at the mansion later on, he learns that Crown hasn't been responding to calls or messages by their servant Victoria, who was the last person to notice Anna before before she was abducted. When Batman asks them about having any enemies, Thomas Giessen responds of course he does like any wealthy person and tells him to stop wasting time.  Arriving at Crown's apartment, he finds it empty but soon realizes he's fleeing through the fire escape. As Batman hits him with a batarang, Crown falls from the roof but gets caught in the wires strung up for drying clothes. Crown admits to him that he only gave the inside layout of the mansion to the kidnappers after being blackmailed, but only expected them to commit a robbery. They also told him that Batman was coming for him. Alfred traces the location of the kidnappers' number and realizes it's in the Monarch theatre.  Bruce starts remembering the night his parents were killed after visiting the theatre, but soon finds himself confronted by a bunch of thugs who were told by boss to be there without an explanation, and try to mow him down in revenge for putting them behind bars in past.


This story is reprinted from Batman #608.


This story is reprinted from Nightwing (Volume 3) #1.


This story is reprinted from Harley Quinn (Volume 2) #1.