"Bright Road" Original Movie Ad Clip Art Print

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Original 1953 clip art. 9.5 x 12.5 print ad.

"Jane Richards, a young 4th grade teacher in the South, faces a challenge in the form of 11 year-old C.T. Young, a backward boy, whose pride has made him a stubborn rebel and liar. Jane believes in him, then discovers his interest in nature when he spends his time watching a caterpillar in a tree trunk as it develops a cocoon. C. T.'s devoted to his family and especially to Tanya, who adores him. When Tanya dies, despite Dr. Mitchell's efforts to save her, the embittered C.T. stays away from school; when he returns, he gets into a fight and gets sent to Coventry. But when a swarm of bees invades the classroom and panics the students, C.T. takes charge, captures the queen bee, and leads the swarm outside, earning the school principal's praise. But C.T. has urgent business: the cocoon's splitting and a butterfly's ready to emerge. He had meant it for Tanya, but he now presents it to Jane, who calls the other children to watch the unfolding miracle of nature."