Daredevil (vol 1) #50 GD/VG

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While Daredevil continues to battle the robot created by Starr Saxon and sent to destroy him by Biggie Benson, Karen Page tries to call Matt Murdock but to no avail. As the battle rages from Murdock's apartment to the city street, Foggy begins to realize how working for the first time without Matt Murdock is a lonely experience.

DD manages to knock the robot hard enough to disable its programming making it return to Saxon for more instructions, allowing Daredevil to follow it to its master's lair. Revealing himself to Saxon, the two get into a fight until the robot is accidentally programmed to kill Biggie Benson.

Daredevil tries to stop the robot, but continues to be overpowered, rushing to the prison where Benson is being held prisoner, DD exhausted fighting his way into Benson's cell, passes out just as the robot busts through the wall.