Detective Comics (vol 1) #377 VG

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Batman receives a notice that a book he has ordered is ready to be picked up at the library. He is immediately suspicious because he never ordered any books. He goes to the library to examine the book with caution when it suddenly explodes. Just as the explosion occurs, the librarian snaps a picture. They develop the picture and find that the explosion revealed a riddle “why is a Diamond like a stew?” Batman deduces that the answer is that they both have Carrots but Karat is a measure used in gold. He also noticed that the author of the book that exploded was Moreland who also happens to be a prominent gold collector in Gotham. Batman arrives at Morelands office and interrupts the Riddler in the middle of a burglary. After a lengthy tussle with the Riddler and his henchmen, Batman apprehends the thieves with the help of Robin. The Riddler is turned over to the authorities but not before he makes a phone call to his bail bondsman who has instructions to arrange his release. The Riddler makes bond and leaves his jail cell. Batman then enters the jail cell to examine it for any clues that Riddler has left behind. He discovers a mirror with writing that appears suddenly. It forms another riddle, “Why is a room filled only with married people like an empty room?” Batman figures that the answer is that it hasn’t a single person in it. He further concludes that the word bachelor is a synonym for a single person. He recalls that he has read about a bachelor Diamond on display at the museum and heads towards the location. He once again interrupts the Riddler and his gang in the middle of a robbery. As the dynamic duo struggles with the gang, they smash containers of glue against their utility belts. They subsequently trap Batman and Robin behind a booby-trapped grating gate that has dropped from the doorway trapping them inside. The caped crusaders are helpless since their utility belts are glued shut. The Riddler sets up a final clue outside the grating fence by setting up lettered blocks. The only problem is that the blocks face away from Batman and will be scattered when the booby-trapped fence is set off. Batman then uses handfuls of jewels to pick off the blocks and knock them down on the floor in order so they can be read even after the explosion. He then detonates the explosion and finds the blocks on the floor still intact. They form yet another riddle, “Why must a dishonest man stay indoors?” Batman reveals the answer to be “so no one can ever find him out”. He deduces that the phrase no one can also stand for #1. Robin adds that there is a Canever street outside of town and it fits the address of the Artistic Glass Company. They head to the location where they find the Riddler attempting to steal valuable artistic glass art pieces. Batman and Robin apprehend him once again and turn him over to the authorities.


An unlucky crook named Taps Carter unknowingly steals a gold bracelet from Elongated Mans hotel room. The thief makes his getaway in his car but he is then sideswiped by another car containing a second group of thieves. The bracelet falls into their hands as Ralph Dibney looks for the bracelet back in his room. He had planned to give the bracelet to his wife. He picks up a lead on the getaway car from the hotel clerk and tracks the thieves down. He subdues the crooks And recovers the bracelet. In the meantime Taps Carter stumbles upon a set of counterfeit plates and resolves that he will turn them in to authorities. Dibney apprehends Carter and presents the bracelet to his wife in observance of their wedding anniversary. Dibney makes an entry in his journal that the case was finally closed with the arrest of the real counterfeiters who had thrown the defective plates away.