Detective Comics (vol 1) #391 FR

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Physical therapist and workout maven Tim Clark has fallen for Ginny Jenkins, but her boss, gourmet magazine editor and extortionist Arnold, comes between them. To make her see the light, Tim decides to impersonate the Batman and show her the evil ways of her employer. Unfortunately, Tim does not have the experience enough to confront criminals and is overwhelmed by Arnold and his thugs. When they get ready to murder the young man, the real Batman appears and rescues Tim from a certain death and captures the crooks. When Ginny learns about Tim's heroic feat, she considers starting a relationship with him.


With a teachers' strike threatened at Gotham High, Robin sets out to get the gangster responsible for the negotiator's changed announcement. When Robin finds the criminals' hideout, he finds himself outnumbered, but he gets help from one of his classmates and he manages to capture the criminals. Afterwards, the negotiation talks for the future of Gotham High start again and the West Side Newspaper can continue its publication.