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In this unique, stunning, and lavishly illustrated new novel, Chris Claremont, author of The Uncanny X-Men and the bestselling writer in the history of comics, teams up with science fiction's Beth Fleisher and award-winning illustrator John Bolton to bring the ancient grandeur of Celtic myth and legend to contemporary life.

Cass Dunreith drives a VW GTI, lives in Brooklyn, and makes her living writing comic books. But once a year she becomes the Lady Siobhan, renowned far and wide for her bravery and skill. On a massive campground in Pennsylvania, her medieval fantasy society holds its annual summer war. Here, as always, Cass will wander among the colorful participants dressed in medieval garb - jugglers, peddlers, courtesans', artisans, and knights - enjoying a delightful respite in a world of make-believe, culminating in a mock battle. But this year the fantasy will become a grim reality when an implacable army of gray-faced horsemen from the mists of Celtic legend is unleashed on the weekend warriors. Suddenly Cass finds herself in a world where the swords have real edges and people can die - and only one person stands between fantasy and a bloodbath: herself.