ElfQuest: Hidden Years (vol 1) #11 VF

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Rayek makes his triumphant return to visit with Ekuar and the Wolfriders. His reputation is not good, and Strongbow freezes him dead in his tracks, until a council can be called to speak with Rayek.Meanwhile the humans with leisure-tools are prospering, and this means growing farther into the dwelling place of the hidden grove of Redlance. The elves' peace becomes interrupted with the realization that soon the humans will build a road directly through the territory of the elves.The humans reach the point of world history where they are finally more and dominant over all elves, whether the elves remain on world of two moons or not.

Note: Cover art pencilling was incorrectly attributed to Brandon McKinney. A correction was issued in the following issue stating that the penciller was Paul Abrams.