ElfQuest: Hidden Years (vol 1) #21 VF

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Thinking small has saved the Wolfriders from starvation, and the tribe has some precious time to spare. Ember finds herself wondering about such things as Recognition and cubs and lifemates and whatever a young elf woman coming into her own might wonder about.

It's Pike to the rescue, when Ember asks him for a tale of the strangest Recognition he knows of. And that would be the tale of Hummer and Buckthorn, two of the most stubborn Wolfriders that ever existed - or might have (for who really knows when a story is spun?). It's a classic case of "anything you can do, I can do better" as the two compete at everything from hunting to running to the grandfather of all staring contests. But neither of the elves have reckoned with what might happen when "eyes meet eyes" for that long.

The young chieftess once again thinks back to her lovemate Mender. But there is a new player about to enter the game...