ElfQuest: Hidden Years (vol 1) #23 VF

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Ember and Teir are further acquainting themselves. Ember falls in love with Teir, and the pair hunts together. An adult yak charges at Ember and nearly gouges her, but Teir activates his life-bond, a divine talent, to possess the mind of the yak who stops in his tracks. Teir finally speaks of his family, who has long since left him on the plains of his solitude. His father had the same divine gift and could summon the eagles to speak with him. Teir recalls a time that his family was split from a greater tribe due to a fissure in the land. Concurrent with ElfQuest: Shards #10, this is the issue Pike sees Skot passing into the family of The High-Ones. At the end of this issue, Teir becomes more distant to Leetah and closer to Ember.