ElfQuest: Jink (vol 1) #4 VF

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Kullyn Kenn's mission to find Jink is a qualified failure, and he returns to an irritated Commander Bellambara and a furious Tamia Korhat. All in a day's work for the luckless tweak...

Within the alien base established on Outerreach, sedition is brewing. Firstborn True Holder, on his own quest to return the Neverending to the old ways that he feels have been abandoned by the God-emperor, breaks into a weapons cache to arm his fanatic followers.

Meanwhile, Kullyn has been "convinced" to resume his search. He is taken to a secret Skyward base on Daughter Moon, from which he is to board a newly developed stealth ship to Outerreach to learn what he can of the developing situation with the Neverending.

On board, there is no end to surprises, as first Jink, and then a saboteur show up. But when Kullyn and Jink arrive at their icy destination, then the deadly fun really begins...