Elfquest: New Blood (vol 1) #1 VF

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NOTE: #1 in this series is titled Elfquest Summer Special #1 ($3.95 cover) and is dated 08/1992. It is easily confused with ANOTHER Elfquest New Blood Summer Special, $2.00 cover price, dated 07/1993. Cover art by Dave DeVries. Welcome to the Worldpool, script by Richard Pini, art by Wendy Pini; Introduction to elves on World of Two Moons/Abode and stories about them. The Price of a Soul, script and art by John Byrne; Two Edge struggles with Winnowill; He loses. Out of the Woods, script by Terry Beatty and Wendi Lee, art by Gary Kato; Young Cutter and Skywise meet a Trollish witch and recap the Hansel and Gretel story. Moonshade, script and art by Lea Hernandez; Ahnshen falls in love with Moonshade. 8 full-page Elven portraits in color, art by Dave DeVries and Tom Taggert. 68 pgs. $3.95. Cover price $3.95.