Marvel Collectors' Item Classics (vol 1) #13

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Reprints Fantastic Four #18, Iron Man from Tales of Suspense #53, Incredible Hulk #6 (The Metal Master part 3), and Doctor Strange from Strange Tales #122. Cover pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Paul Reinman. "A Skrull Walks Among Us!", script by Stan Lee, pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Dick Ayers; The Skrull Emperor sends the Super-Skrull, a Skrull possessing all the powers of the Fantastic Four, to conquer Earth. "The Black Widow Strikes Again!", script by Stan Lee (plot) and Don Rico (script), art by Don Heck; To redeem herself in the eyes of her Communist leader, Black Widow steals the new anti-grav ray device developed by Tony Stark and attacks Fort Knox; Iron Man destroys the ray device, but the Black Widow escapes. "The World Beyond," script by Stan Lee, pencils by Steve Ditko; Nightmare attacks Dr. Strange once again through his dreams. "The Failure!", script by Stan Lee (plot) and Larry Lieber (script), pencils by Larry Lieber, inks by Paul Reinman; The Earth of the future is overwhelmingly materialistic, except for one idealistic young man and his lover; They are abducted by aliens, who have determined that he is the best suited to be absolute ruler of their empire. "The Incredible Hulk vs The Metal Master!" Part 3, script by Stan Lee, art by Steve Ditko; The Hulk defeats the Metal Master with the help of Rick Jones and the Teen Brigade.