Marvel Comics Presents... Wolverine (vol 1) #102 NM

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Male Bonding Part 2: Wherever We Go Wolverine and Nightcrawler are battling a monster who has been terrorizing a village in Germany at the request of Kurt's old circus friend Jutta. The monster does not want to fight and claims he is not here to hurt anyone. Finally the monster is allowed to speak and tells Kurt that he had saved his life once......Against a Rogue God Part 2: A Meeting With the Masters The Young Gods are brought before the Celestials to seek their appraisal and to make a request. Varua explains to them she senses a renegade deity coming to Earth threatening terrible destruction. They ask the Celestials to confront this threat. They receive no response. They are finally given permission to leave the Celestial Mothership on the condition that they have only three days to complete their work and they must conceal their true identities. They knew a threat was coming for all of mankind. Doorway to Darkness Chapter 2: Gathering The demon Gorn is frustrated by the attempts of his minions to get a boy to willingly enter a doorway so that Gorn may escape his prison. Dr. Strange talks with the boy who introduces himself as Kevin. He claims when the demons pushed him through the doorway he saw a monster with his skull on fire. Strange immediately thinks of Ghost Rider and they go to find him. Ghost Rider is after some drug dealers who have kidnapped an innocent girl. He kills all but one and uses his penance stare on one to make him feel the pain he caused. The man jumps from the rooftop killing himself. Doctor Strange and the boy approach Ghost Rider. Stunt Show Hamilton Slade is invited to study at the La Brea Tar Pits when the mastodon bones outside on display come to life with tar. He transforms into the Phantom Rider. A guard soon turns into the demon D'Spayre. The demon feeds off of the fear of the crowd of students but the Rider asks them if they are enjoying the show, causing them to lose their fear and enjoy the 'show.' The lack of fear causes the demon to lose...