Marvel Comics Presents... Wolverine (vol 1) #2 VF

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Previously, Wolverine had showed up in Madripoor and protected a man named O’Donnel from a number of goons, before finding himself on the wrong side. Now, the bad guys’ group has returned to its mentor, a Mr. Roche. Roche is displeased with them, saying that they have proven to be a disgrace to him. Their defeat is his defeat and they have proven unworthy of the trust placed upon them. The group’s members ask for a second chance. But Roche has better plans. He deploys a man named Razorfist and asks the group to defeat him, for it is the only way that they can remain in his service. The guys accept the challenge. They attack Razorfist together, but he executes them quite easily and without mercy. No attacks have any effect on him. The last guy sees his danger and turns against Roche, planning to take him hostage. But Roche is quite agile and disarms him easily. Then he breaks the man’s neck and throws him into a pool. Roche congratulates Razorfist, saying that his remarkable strength will finally rid him of the stranger named Wolverine, because he has other plans to deal with Tyger Tiger. Back at the Princess Bar, Wolverine is talking it out with O’Donnel, guns still pointed at him. O’Donnel wants to know how Wolverine is connected to Dave Chapel. Wolverine says that he had seen Dave Chapel dying from torture. Then he brings out a keep-sake and O’Donnel recognizes the cameo’s face upon it. He holsters his gun and welcomes Wolverine. Sapphire Styx takes this opportunity to flirt with Wolverine. Suddenly, Wolverine sees a figure outside the door, keeping watch upon him. Something seems familiar about her and Wolverine goes out, stalking her. Wolverine gets her scent immediately and follows her over the rooftops. He lands in front of her and stops her. She punches him but to no effect. He swings her into the light and recognizes her immediately. She is a girl from his past, named Jessan Hoan. Story #2 - Elements of Terror Part 2 - Man Thing...