Marvel's Greatest Comics (vol 1) #30 GD

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Reprints Fantastic Four #37 - With Sue and Reeds wedding just around the corner, Sue is saddened by the murder of her father at the hands of the Skrulls. The Fantastic Four travel to the Skrull empire to bring his murderer to justice. Reprints Fantastic Four #38 "Defeated by the Frightful Four" - The Frightful Four band together with Paste Pot Pete declaring that he will now be known as The Trapster. With plans to destroy the Fantastic Four they first start by capturing Sue and imprisoning her next to an Atomic Q-Bomb. Reprints Strange Tales #127 "The Mystery Villain" - During what should be a fun race, Johnny argues that the team doesn't need a leader and him and Ben strike out on their own. Afterwards they receive an invitation to a jet car race where things aren't as they seem and a mysterious villain has outsmarted their every move.