"Pie In The Sky" Original Movie Ad Mat Mold and Ad Clip Art Print

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Original 1964 clip art. 9.5 x 12.5 print ad and 10.25 x 12.25 ad mat mold.

"A nine-year-old boy, Brill (Richard Bray), who lives on a farm, hitchhikes to New York City. He finds work selling papers with a gang of shoeshine boys and paper carriers managed by teen punk Rick (Jaime Charlamagne), who keeps half their earnings. Brill wins Rick's money in a crap game, and he goes on the town with his Puerto Rican friend Paco (Roberto Marsach).

When Rick's gang gives Brill a beating, prostitute Suzy (Lee Grant) takes care of Brill, buys him new clothes and takes him on a tour of Manhattan. After Suzy is picked up by the police, Brill buys a bicycle to ride back to the farm. However, a truck ruins the bicycle on the highway, and he stays the night at the home of an elderly African-American couple. Back home the next day, he gives his father the rest of his money."