Power Man (vol 1) #21 G/VG

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"The Killer with My Name!" Plot assist by Len Wein, script by Tony Isabella, pencils by Ron Wilson, inks by Vince Colletta. Before Luke Cage there was another man called Power Man (1st appeared in Avengers #21-22), and he's come to reclaim his title. It's a heavyweight bout with Power Man vs. Power Man for the championship. The letters page includes Marvel Value Stamp series A # 73 (Kingpin by John Romita Sr.). Wilson cover pencils, Frank Giacoia cover inks. NOTE: "The other Power Man in this story is none other than Erik Josten, who would later become the villain Goliath [in Iron Man (1968-96 1st Series) Annual # 7] and presently is the hero known as Atlas in the pages of Thunderbolts." - Odinson, Lone Star Comnics Archivist. Cover price $0.25.