Reiner Knizia's Maginor - Sealed

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Still sealed


The Wizards' Council has studied the omens, and there is no doubt: the time has come to choose a new High Wizard. Though there are many powerful wizards from which to choose, only the one who wins the favor of the mystical Oracles shall be named High Wizard.

As one of the High Wizard candidates, you must convince the Oracles to support you, and not your opponents, through skill, guile, and magical power. But you must act quickly! For Maginor, the chamberlain of the Wizards' Council, is consulting each of the Oracles in turn, and you must speak with the Oracles before he does.

Maginor is a board game of strategy, luck, and magical duels, for two to four players. A complete game with more than a hundred full-color playing pieces, Maginor is playable in 20 to 40 minutes.