Showcase Presents The Spectre (vol 1) #60 FR

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James Corrigan has been working as a detective for the last 20 years, but he has not been able to feel the presence of his astral alter-ego, The Spectre until a fateful day during a seance in which he took part. The release of mystic energies allows Spectre to be released from Corrigan's body and as soon as he is back in the world, Spectre prevents several crimes that would harm his physical host.  Once again, Jim Corrigan is able to speak with The Spectre, who reveals that he was unable to get out of his body because there was some mystic force acting upon him. Afterwards, Spectre goes all over the world to locate the source of the energy that trapped him in Corrigan's body and he eventually locates the source to a man called Paul Nevers.  Spectre is forced to remain inside Corrigan by the mystic energy and Jim locates Nevers without effort, as the man has been committing crimes all over the city. When Nevers finds himself cornered, the the devil Azmodus reveals himself as the dark being that has taken possession of Nevers' body. Spectre then confronts Azmodus and they take the fight to the Astral Plane, where Spectre manages to lock Azmodus after a terrible cosmic battle. During the struggle, Spectre learned that Azmodus locked Spectre in Corrigan's body, as Earth couldn't stand the presence of two such powerful beings such as them at the same time. With Azmodus unable to escape the Astral Plane, Spectre returns to Earth, where he continues his long forgotten career with James Corrigan.