Silver Surfer Annual (vol 3) #7 VF

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To ServeMorg has escaped from Tyrant and heads toward Galactus. When he arrives he easily defeats Air Walker and nearly destroys him. Firelord fights while Air Walker gets the Silver Surfer for help. He arrives just in time to stop Morg from killing Firelord. The Surfer tells Galactus he will not allow Morg to serve as herald and attacks him. The Surfer ends up soundly defeating Morg, but allows him to live. He makes an arrangement that he will allow Morg to serve if Galactus revives Firelord and Air Walker. In order to not have any annoyances, Galactus agrees. Air Walker is unrepairable so they download his consciousness into Galactus' ship. He still lives and will guide the ship to uninhabited worlds. Silver Surfer and Firelord depart the ship. Running From The PastLegacy has left Titan to travel the universe and finds himself back on Calculex. When he is approached by a alien who seems to recognize him he automatically assumes them to be a threat. He flees in the hope he will not have to hurt someone. He is caught in a dead end and it turns out the guy just wanted to thank him, because his father had saved the man's life once and he never got to thank him.