Silver Surfer (vol 2) #115 VF

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The Surfer arrives at a place he has never been but somehow it feels familiar. Inside the building he finds a round table of kindred spirits and knows he should join them and that he is at home. But he is not allowed at the table for something foreign has entered with him. It is Oclin, the Outrider who brought him to this universe in the first place. He is expelled and the Surfer is allowed to be seated, now a member of the Congregation. Meanwhile, the pieces of the Gleambody are about to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Creatures from far and wide have gathered to bid on them, all for purposes of their own. Before the auction, Khirn is announced as the Master Overseer. He believes he has finally made Jyx proud. But Jyx has problems when some Iridian Rebels find her and blame her for their leader's death. She is killed for the crime she did not commit. The rebels now go to the source, Khirn. They met him and tell him of Jyx's death. He is killed and soon so are the rebels by the Territorial Troopers. Grand Overseer stops the auction to announce Khirn's death. The one behind it is Chief Territorial Trooper Pradda Fol, who is awarded a piece of the Gleambody for his valiant actions.