Silver Surfer (vol 2) #89 VF

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See the Surfer caught in a struggle between two old "friends" - the hunter and the hunted! Also, see the return of one of our most requested heroes! On a populated planet two men are looking for someone. The Silver Surfer is looking for Legacy. The Skrull bounty hunter Raze is looking for a man named Vranx. They are both directed to the same bar, the Dark Side. The Surfer talks to the people inside and finds that his quarry is not present. As he walks out, he runs into Raze, who tries to kill Vranx. The Surfer stops him and forces him into capturing the man unharmed. He helps Raze capture him but Raze kills him anyway. Raze tells the Surfer that he is really his brother and he killed their parents long ago. Raze as searched years to find him and make him pay for what he did. As the Surfer is about to get into it with Raze, his attention is taken to a surprise, Legacy.