Silver Surfer (vol 2) #91 VF

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The Surfer's return to Zenn-La is not what it seems...or is it? Reality and fantasy entwine to send the Silver Surfer on the galactic adventure of his dreams! Or his nightmares! As payment for setting him straight, Legacy has offered the Silver Surfer an opportunity to use a machine that caters to the dreams of the client in a virtual reality in a local business. He accepts and is hooked up to the machine. His dream takes him to Zenn-La's past and he has Shalla Bal at his side. He is on one side of the bloody civil war that led to the advanced society of the future. Norrin and Shalla return to the city of Zenn-La and meet with the leader of the enlightened Norrin Konn. Norrin forms a plan to take out the Warlord and her top generals to end the war. With him goes Shalla and 5 other soldiers. Back back in the real world, Avatar has made her move on the Surfer while he is defenseless.