Silver Surfer (vol 3) #11 VF

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While looking for the Contemplator, Nova and the Silver Surfer are attacked by pirates. They destroy many ships but they flee into the Coalsack Nebula. The nebula is thick with primitive chemical life, making it like a labyrinth of tar. Silver Surfer thinks of how they got to this point. They visited Kree-Lar and spoke with Nenora, the new head of the Kree Empire. They agree to help her if she helps them as long as it doesn't conflict any other obligations they have. They find the pirate lair and go into disguise to try t find the whereabouts of the final Elder. Elsewhere, what appears to be the Silver Surfer appears to a Kree patrol. Believing him to be an ally they do not expect his attack and the Surfer kills them all. Nova and Surfer are at a party trying to get more info when Clumsy Foul up becomes jealous of Nova dancing with the Surfer. He punches Surfer starting a fight. The pirate leader Reptyl is expecting them and manages to capture them.