Silver Surfer (vol 3) #37 VF

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The Silver Surfer tries to trace Thanos' teleportation device and is able to see in that spectrum, but Thanos has left several trails to deter the Surfer. He then flies to Titan to speak with Mentor. He explains to the Surfer that Thanos was always troublesome and eventually became evil and to not hold his threat to kill half the universe lightly. They are then attacked by Drax who is looking for Thanos. It seems he has not much of a mind left and is only concerned with finding and killing Thanos. Drax senses that the Surfer will be meeting Thanos soon and tells him that he will follow him. The Surfer does not need a partner and tries to shake him off his board. Even flying through a star could not shake him. He decides his best course of action is to get Drax some of his humanity back. He flies him to Earth and they go to see the Fantastic Four. He Sits Drax in front of a television and he begins to remember the shows. While Drax is occupied, Silver Surfer leaves him behind.