Silver Surfer (vol 3) #38 VF

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"The Answer!!!"

Nebula and her crew are greeted by Thanos, who has returned to reclaim what is his. He destroys Nebula's guard Geatar. Nebula does not believe him and he blasts her. She survives and is whisked away to be help by a crew member. The rest of the crew being following the order's of their new master. He is then met by Death, who wonders why he has not begun killing the populations of the universe yet. He claims they need to start slowly or all the forces in the universe will be against them. His first plan is to take care of the Silver Surfer. Silver Surfer is looking for Thanos when Thanos himself projects his image to the Surfer. He tells him to come and meet him on the planet Pyraxion. Surfer knows the planet and assesses what Thanos plans to do to destroy it's population. He confronts Thanos, but the Titan is too powerful. He then focuses on Thanos' teleportation chair. He hits it and it explodes violently, destroying a section of the city. Thanos' body remains charred and dead. Surfer takes the carcass back to Titan. Little does he know, Thanos is alive and well. The body was the augmented body of Geatar and now with the Surfer believing he is dead, continues his plans without interruption. Continued in Thanos Quest mini-series.