The Avengers Annual (vol 1) #11 NM

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For his interference with an alien culture, Nebulon is exiled on Earth, where he is befriended by Thor, who convinces the Avengers that the former would-be world conqueror has reformed. Elsewhere, Supernalia, another native of Nebulon's planet, appears to the Valkyrie, the Gargoyle, and the Beast, claiming Nebulon intends to decimate the world, and he has taken the Avengers under his control. Enlisting the Silver Surfer, the Defenders confront the Avengers, and their battle takes them to the distant Himalayas. When Captain America drops his guard and allows the Beast to pummel him, the realization of what he is doing frees Hank from Supernalia's control. She then reveals that she is Nebulon's wife, dishonored by his choice of exile over death and determined to restore her honor by killing him, and that Nebulon had secretly been draining the heroes' energies for his own use with a hidden ennui device. Cap manages to turn the machine against Nebulon, unaware that it is fatal to his race, whereupon Supernalia, realizing that she too has now transgressed in Earth's affairs, leaps into the device's beam with her husband, and both perish.