Unknown Soldier (vol 3) #1-4 Complete Set VF

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1. A maverick CIA agent navigates a minefield of dirty tricks and black operatives as he embarks on a globe-hopping search for the legendary military operative known only as Codename Unknown Soldier.

2. The search for the Unknown Soldier continues: CIA agent William Clyde uncovers chilling new information about the legendary covert operative, and has a bloody, face-to-face encounter with the murderous black op known as Screwball.

3. To elude a team of ruthless assassins, Agent Clyde must join forces with Screwball. Plus, Agent Andersen's whereabouts are revealed.

4. Agent Clyde at last confronts his elusive quarry--the mysterious Unknown Soldier--only to learn that he's been a pawn in a twisted game of intrigue. Clyde has been dragged into a decades-old trail of international espionage, and it just might end with him.