Vault of Evil (vol 1) #14 VG

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Cover by Ron Wilson and Frank Giacoia. The Ghost of Grismore Castle!, art by Steve Ditko; A practical jokester tricks his friend into fleeing a haunted house only to be attacked by real ghosts. The Albatross!; When a sailor kills an albatross, which represents good luck to the crew, the ship flounders with a dead radio until the men lash the sailor to the mast with the albatross tied around his neck as punishment. Only an Insect!, art by Pete Morisi; A scientist's assistant who tortures insects for kicks gets his just deserts when he knocks over a shrinking compound which then affects him. Dorothy's Doll, art by Gene Colan; A man buys a lifelike doll for his ill child, unintentionally fooling Death into taking the doll and leaving the girl. 36 pgs., full color. $0.25. Cover price $0.25.