Warhammer 40,000 Codex Battlezone Cityfight

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Throughout the universe, warring races descend o9n each other's cities brining destruction with themn. In the shattered ruins, old general are forced to learn new tricks while their soldier hope merely to survive.

"What I remember most about the Battle for Vogen was the confusion and the colossal scare of death. We founght like heroes, and each building that had even one Guardsman inside was a fortress against the enemy. Every soldier, fighting in a basement or undfer the stairs, stood his ground alone and accomplished the task on his own. Because in city fighting, a soldier has to be his own general. He needs to be given correct guidance and the trust of his officers. On Vogen we had neither and how we survived was a miracle."

Veteran Sergeant Hessel, 122nd Cadians

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