Action Comics (vol 1) #394 VF

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Midas of Metropolis: Superman's hoarding money, but giving none of it away! What's gotten into him?After stopping some thieves from robbing Cyrus Brand, one of the richest men in the world, Superman starts charging the people he rescues from disasters. Soon, he amasses so much money that he builds his own bank in which to store it. He goes into competition with Brand, trying to beat him out of every deal for making money. It emerges that Superman had detected that Brand was running a counterfeiting ring, and he had to acquire all of Brand's money to sort out the real cash from the bogus bills.Requiem for a Hot Rod: As Clark and Lois are participating in a vintage car rally, they are forced off the road by "Coffin" Crowley, leader of a gang of speed racers. Determined to teach Crowley...