Alpha Flight (vol 1) #106 VF

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Northstar comes out of the closet.

A sixty-something retired Canadian super-hero (Canada's first, in fact) known as Major Mapleleaf, sits alone at night in his bathrobe poring over a videotape of the press conference in which he announced his retirement several years prior. He freezes the image at a closeup of his infant son Michael, and collapses on the TV screen in anguish. At that moment in downtown Toronto, Mr. Hyde is seen battling members of Alpha Flight. Hyde strikes Northstar and sends him crashing into rows of garbage cans down an alley. To his shock, Northstar finds an abandoned newborn girl in one of those trash cans and immediately flees the scene. Mr. Hyde gloats briefly before being pounded into the ground by Sasquatch. Three weeks later, Northstar, who still insists on holding the teams debriefings in the hospital, is told by the infant's doctor that she was born to a mother who was HIV positive and that the child, who has since been adopted by Northstar, and named Joanne, has AIDS. Another three weeks pass. The woman believed to be the childs' mother is buried and because of the constant media coverage, there is a general national feeling of mourning and sadness all over Canada for this baby, who has been named the "unofficial youngest member" of Alpha Flight. This all proves too much for Major Mapleleaf to bear. Clearly irrational and distraught, the former hero crashes into the infants hospital room where he is met by an angry Northstar. A heated battle breaks out over Toronto, when Mapleleaf discloses the reason for his rage to Northstar. Major Mapleleaf's own son, Michael Nadler, died of AIDS. He is resentful and sickened by the sympathy and attention given to an infant with AIDS, when no there was no such public outcry for his adult, gay son. Northstar then makes comics history by angrily disclosing his own gayness to Mapleleaf in a flurry of punches that send Major Mapleleaf down the street and into a moving truck. Mapleleaf attacks back and tells Northstar that by closeting himself...

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