Alpha Flight (vol 1) #24 VF

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Snowbird learns from the Northern Gods Nelvanna, Hodiak and Turoq that the form of Sasquatch is actually Tanaraq, one of the Great Beasts that she is sworn to destroy. Puck and Talisman are training when Aurora and Walt arrive with news that someone is destroying the city. There they find Caliber firing blasts at the buildings. Sasquatch get shot by one of his blasts but at the end Alpha Flight manage to defeat him combining their powers. Sasquatch goes away alone and hurt and suddenly Snowbird shows up and attack him with fury in her owl form. Aurora grabs her while Talisman tries to arrest Sasquatch with her power, with no success. Snowbird tells everyone that Sasquatch is actually the Great Beast Tanaraq, tranform into a white Tanaraq herself and fight him. At the end she rips his heart from his chest, killing the body of Walt in the process. Now they have to go the Kingdom of Great Beasts to retrieve Walt's soul.

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