Amazing Fantasy (1995) #17 NM

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AMAZING ADVENTURES It’s Little Petey’s birthday. The gang’s all here for his party, just a group of kids hanging out together. But people drift apart, when they have different interests. In Junior High the other kids wanted to go to the dance but Peter had to study. But they always asked if he wanted to come, because they were friends. Until High School and Flash Thompson, then they became his friends. Flash doesn’t like bookworms and soon the others didn’t like Peter either. It seems like a long time ago, but it was only a few weeks ago .A construction site… a worker is falling to his death as the girder he was standing on comes loose from the crane. Spider-Man catches him, and the crane. His Spider Sense tingles as a figure hovers behind him in the air. He turns around and there’s no one there. The construction worker and his crew thank Spider-Man, they shake his hand, want his autograph. Spidey swings away as a familiar voice calls after him. Maxie Shiffman has tracked him down. He says they can make millions together. But Peter Parker doesn’t want to do that anymore. He just wants to live up to his responsibilities. Maxie doesn’t understand. He doesn’t know that chasing after showbiz caused Spider-Man to ignore a burglar he could have stopped. A skyscraper somewhere in New York… A large suited man ominously stares out at the city. He is asked what should be done about Spider-Man’s interference. He says nothing needs to be done as the point has been made. Wilson Fisk wants an ownership stake in both the construction company and the management firm, whether they want to cooperate or not. His henchman asks him what if Spider-Man interferes again. Fisk says he has someone who can deal with him .The Parker Residence… The TV is tuned to the show “It’s Amazing”. They’re showing a story on the mutant menace. A young man is shown to shoot optic rays out of his eyes and save a crowd from falling debris. But people realise he’s a mutant and...

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