Batman #233 VF

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"The Death Cheaters of Gotham City!" This story is reprinted from Batman #72. On Gotham City, there is a strange "Death Cheaters Club," and a wanted criminal, who fits the qualifications for membership, is denied the same and vows vengeance against all the members. "The Other Bruce Wayne" This story is reprinted from Batman #111. Commissioner Gordon calls to Wayne Manor to summon Bruce Wayne, not Batman, to the GCPD Headquarters. There Bruce finds an unexpected newcomer, his father's cousin and his own namesake, Bruce N. Wayne. "The Murder of Bruce Wayne!" This story is reprinted from World's Finest #58. A member of the International Chemical Company's Board of Trustees is severely injured after an unfortunate accident and is unable ever to walk again. The man decides to get revenge on the other members of the board, including Bruce Wayne. "Bruce Wayne's Aunt Agatha!" This story is reprinted from Batman #89. Bruce and Dick receive the unexpected visit of Aunt Agatha, who intends a long stay. Her presence complicates their activities as Batman and Robin, but they gladly accept her in their home. "The Crime of Bruce Wayne" This story is reprinted from Detective Comics #249. Bruce Wayne agrees to impersonate the Collector and go to jail as part of Commissioner Gordon's plot to discover how an imprisoned man intends to escape. But Wayne is framed for the convict's death during his escape attempt, and Batwoman and Robin must clear his name before he can be executed.

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