Batman Annual (vol 1) #20 VF

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In the future, set in a domed city ruled by a government that mind-controls its citizens on an unnamed planet, an old man spins tales for a group of children who are unwittingly being groomed for re-education. The fables revolve around the mythological "Bat-Man," who resided on the once-thriving planet Earth, each story coming with a special moral imparted by the old man to the children as a way of subtly warn them against their own government's sinister plans. The stories he tells, and the morals they impart, follow in this order:  1.) The Mad Jester, AKA the Majister, a techno-wizard cross between the Joker and the Mad Hatter who uses the populace's hologram entertainment to brainwash people into hysterical laughter, leaving them open to being robbed and murdered. 

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