Batman (vol 1) #360 VF

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Two police officers have been murderer in Gotham City and a third victim managed to survive the attack of a new serial killer on the loose.  Meanwhile, it's been a month since Bruce Wayne has become Jason Todd's guardian and the kid has been training hard, hoping to become the next Robin; and idea that Batman doesn't like. After their training session, Batman is contacted about the recent murders and he summons the Dark Knight to interrogate the only survivor.  The police officer can't remember details about the attack and Gordon provides Batman with a list of police officers that share similar background to the victims. Like this, Batman starts investigating all the possible victims, without a clear answer. However, one of the officers he interrogates mentions a former partner, who shares a similar background, but that no longer works as a police. After learning about Jack Crane, Batman goes to interrogate the former police officer, but the man who provided the information is soon attacked by the serial killer.  Batman finds Jack Crane's home and upon entering, he realizes it is the place of the serial killer, who now calls himself Savage Skull. From looking at the place, Batman learns that the former officer has a hit list and the last man on the list is Commissioner Gordon. When Skull returns home, he confronts Batman, but is unable to defeat the Dark Knight and instead chooses to escape with the murder weapon that he will use on Gordon.  Batman rushes to Gordon's home, where he finds his friend alive and well, except for medical complications that have started with the age. Batman informs Gordon about Crane and his new identity as Savage Skull and he tells Batman about Crane's past and the reason why he was removed from the force after a terrible incident, in which he lost his face skin. Despite his tragedy, Crane was still found guilty because of the use of excessive force. Batman finally deduces that Crane is out to kill all the officers who denied him his rights and has set out to murder them.  At that moment, Savage Skull breaks into Gordon's house and Batman immediately attacks the killer, taking the fight outside. After a brief chase, Batman confronts Skull near the river, where Skull acts out of desperation and jumps against Batman, who dodges the attack, forcing Skull to plunge into the river. With the killer gone, Batman asks Gordon to tell his men to drag the river and find Savage Skull.

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