Batman (vol 1) #537 FN

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Batman patrols Gotham City in search of any lead that could lead him to Man-Bat. It's been a week since Langstrom left Gotham and Batman's cure is useless unless Man-Bat is found.  A group of scientists discover the frozen body of Man-Bat in the North Pole. They take him into their investigation center. The scientists are testing a new equipment that injects impulses into the atmosphere that are translated into energy harmonics; the kind of information that bats use to travel as they can't see. They deduce that Man-Bat might have been attracted by those harmonics and they are hoping to study the specimen once the ice has thawed. Meanwhile they informed about the situation to Washington, but the signal stutters and the people in Washington transcripted the message as a real dangerous situation going on in the North Pole.  Washington sends some people to Gotham to retreive information on Man-Bat. Commissioner Gordon hands them the information and later informs Batman about Langstrom's whereabouts. Gordon also tells Batman that the government is trying to kill Man-Bat.  Batman follows the government agents to Kimchatka and then he grabs the helicopter that they are using to travel.  Meanwhile at the North Pole station, Man-Bat is already free from the ice and just as one of the scientists approach to study him, Man-Bat wakes up and knocks the doctor out. Man-Bat goes berserk and knocks out three more scientists. He is hungry but he only ate rats. Later, Man-Bat finds a laboratory and he tries to create a cure for himself but his animal part is dominant and he can't recall the right ingredients for the serum.  That moment, the government agents arrive to the North Pole. Batman descends first and he finds the station faster than the agents. Batman enters and finds Man-Bat about to feed on one of the scientists. Batman tells him not to do it and they start to fight each other. Man-Bat escapes through one of the walls and Batman follows. The agents see the bat-shaped creature and starts shooting at Batman. He takes that advantage to prevent them from killing Langstrom. Batman attacks the agents and they stop their attack.  There is one scientist who isn't aware of what is happening and he decides to test the pulse injector. The energy beam impacts Man-Bat as the agents and Batman watch helpless and screams for Langstrom's life.

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