Batman (vol 1) #549 VF

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The Penguin, bored with life as owner of the Iceberg Lounge, has decided to return to his old compulsory habits of stealing bird-related artifacts. He breaks into the Gotham Museum of Antiquities and steals a four-thousand year old statue of the Egyptian God, Horus.  Hours later, the burglary is reported and detectives Bullock and Montoya arrive on the scene. They find that the penguin has left behind a booby-trapped egg-shaped flash grenade beneath the bones of a giant dinosaur. The egg-bomb explodes, but Bullock and Montoya are unharmed.  Back at Wayne Manor, Vesper Fairchild and Bruce Wayne share their first kiss. Vesper tells Bruce that she loves him, but Bruce feels to awkward to express how he truly feels. Vesper leaves the room agitated.  Batman later learns of the museum robbery and investigates. Knowing instantly that the Penguin is responsible, he checks out all of his known hideouts. He ultimately comes to the Aviary where he finds the Penguin. The Penguin tells Batman that he has already fenced the statue of Horus. Even though Batman knows the Penguin is guilty, there is nothing legally he can do to him. He has no proof that will stand up in court. The two fight briefly and Batman knocks him out. He finds where the statue is and returns it to the museum (the Penguin lied about selling it overseas).  The Penguin, glad to have re-lived his golden days one more time, returns to his function as a lounge owner.

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