Catwoman (vol 2) #30 NM

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Thirty-five thousand miles above the Florida Keys, Catwoman, Giz, Mouse, Slyfox, and Steeljacket board a plane carrying mob money to the Netherlands for laundering. They take out the guards and force the pilots to reroute the plane.  Mouse asks Giz why the plane is heading north instead of west like planned, and he knocks her out, revealing that he is Penguin's mole. Penguin's lieutenants McQuade and Vanetta surround the plane with their men when it lands on Isla San Dismus. Giz abandons ship, and the men go after Catwoman and the others.  The thieves take down the muscle and confront McQuade and Vanetta outside the ship. They realize too late that Isla San Dismus is in the middle of a civil war and they just violated their airspace. The plane is blown up by fighter jets, and the thieves are left with only their advances from Cavanaugh.

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