Superboy #134

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The Scoundel of Steel! (Superboy, Ma and Pa Kent, Red Kryptonite / written by Leo Dorfman) In this imaginary story, Superboy is exposed to red Kryptonite, which turns him evil. He releases baddies from jail, destroys the School in Smallville, etc. When it wears off, his father still thinks Superboy's evil, and tells the FBI about Superboy being Clark. With his reputation ruined, he leaves Earth to start a new life somewhere else. Cap's Hobby Hints (by Henry Boltinoff) Krypto's First Romance! (Krypto, Kolli, Superboy / written by Jerry Siegel : reprinted from: Superboy #87) Can Krypto stay in love with Kolli, even though when he's around her, he loses his powers? "A Hall of Fame Classic."