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Stone resurrects Black Widow using his energy after last issue when she was poisoned by The Hand. Stick, Stone, Shaft, Claw, Daredevil and Black Widow are at Murdock's apartment and then they are attacked by some ninjas. After a huge battle, Claw is killed and then Stick and Shaft use their energy to eliminate every ninja in the room, get killed in the process. Stick says to Rock take care of Daredevil and to teach him even more.  Natasha tries to kiss Matt, but he says he will get married soon. Heather Glenn shows up drunk, and say she loves Matt. Natasha feels that something is wrong with Matt and goes ask to Foggy Nelson. Foggy tells Matt is acting very strange after Elektra showed up as an assassin and died in his arms. They plan to end Matt and Heather's marriage by sending each one a letter finishing everything, because Matt is only using Heather to warm his feelings for Elektra. At the end, Stone says The Hand is coming after a new leader, after they had killed Kirigi last issue, and they would use the body of a great warrior that lies in NY - Elektra!!!