Detective Comics (vol 1) #378 FN

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Batman and Robin have a falling out which causes the Boy Wonder to leave the team. At the same time Salvo, a professional crook, and his apprentice Chino have a similar fight. Chino rents a room and takes in Dick Grayson as his roommate. Dick soon discovers that Chino is a crook, but he hopes that he can set the boy straight. Instead Chino intends to use Dick as bait to kill Batman. Chino dresses Dick in a Robin costume, then sends Batman a note that will lead him into a trap. Meanwhile, Salvo has also learned about the Batman-Robin split. He dresses his assistant Chopper as Robin and uses the same plan as Chino to set a trap for Batman. The Caped Crusader then receives two notes that claim Robin is a prisoner and he is forced to perform two rescues simultaneously. Batman shows up at the site where Salvo has prepared a trap and a hired assassin, named The Icer, fires a rifle, apparently striking Batman. Strangely, at the same time, Batman shows up where the real Robin is being held as bait and as Robin yells a warning, Chino shoots at Batman.


A paranoid man named Hanford Jenkins keeps shooting at different objects in his hotel room. He is convinced that the mob has planted a trigger mechanism in his vicinity to set off a bomb and kill him. He claims to be a reporter on the verge of breaking an expose on the mob. In reality, Jenkins is covering up a real robbery taking place on the upper floors. His gunshots are covering a safe robbery but his plans are foiled when EM sees through his scheme.