Justice League of America #158

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After his intervention in a battle between JLA members Flash and Wonder Woman and Injustice Gang members Mirror Master and Poison Ivy, Ultraa, the super-hero from Earth-Prime, decides that the very existence of super-powered beings, heroes or villains is a threat to life on Earth.  He uses a negative-radiation device to alter the JLA heroes perceptions so that they are unable to use their powers.  His intentions to likewise neutralize the Injustice Gang go awry, and they continue with their mysterious leader's plans to use alien artifacts to gain control of Earth's energy resources.  When Ultraa is defeated as he attempts to battle Poison Ivy, Mirror Master, Chronos, Tattooed Man, and Scarecrow single-handed, Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern, and Red Tornado must overcome his will-deadening devices to come to his rescue.  The Justice League defeats the villains, and their leader is unmasked as Flash's future-dwelling foe, Abra Kadabra.

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